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2020 Prom Boutonniere Color Ideas

Written by Diana Ganz February 28, 2020

If you’re attending a high school dance (prom, homecoming, Sadie Hawkins/turnabout) it’s easy to be overwhelmed by all of the color choices for your outfit and boutonniere. Maybe you just found out what a boutonniere is - and now you’re expected to choose a specific boutonniere look!? Keep your stress level down, let us help, and don't forget to check out our article on how to put your boutonniere on your jacket! 

While the possibilities might seem endless, there are some simple ways you can incorporate a color of focus in you and your date’s boutonniere and corsage for prom. One of the first colors that comes to mind when thinking of a spring event is pink. Against a brilliant blue or gray suit, hot pink, blush, and rose gold will provide a nice contrast and a touch of color.

Not technically a color, sequins and sparkles will always be seen on prom day. You can coordinate your style with ties and pocket squares that match the sparkle of your date’s dress as well as with the ribbon of your boutonniere. Against the navy lapel of a prom suit or a shiny lapel of a black tuxedo, a boutonniere of roses and greenery wrapped in shiny ribbon are the perfect combination of colors to bring warmth the metal tones.

Vibrant purples are a fun choice for a spring occasion and can really stand out against a variety of suit colors including navy, gray and black. Think about a boutonniere for prom with lilac, yellows, greens, and whites. 

Tiffany Blue is also a popular choice. A boutonniere with a ribbon in teal, seafoam green or tiffany blue is a great way to show off the color against a light grey or charcoal grey suit. Keep it classic with white flowers. 

While there is no single perfect color and flower combination, vibrant colors are trending and with them comes endless opportunities to infuse fun and energy. Use your flowers to make your prom outfit stylish and unique. At PromGuy, we’re always here to help you with your style and ensure you look sharp. Have questions? Contact us at!

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