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Chicago Mayor Announces Virtual Graduation

Written by Katy Eriks May 11, 2020

City of Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced on Tik Tok, where else, that there will be a city-wide celebration of graduation for the class of 2020 seniors. She promised a commencement speech by the one and only Oprah Winfrey and teased at surprise musical guests. Who else is hoping for Chicago Public Schools supporter Chance The Rapper? 


 While it may not be the same as donning a graduation cap and gown and walking on stage with your best friends, you just survived four years of high school and that is cause for celebration! With college coming up and interviewing for jobs etc. you’ll probably still want to purchase a suit. And, most likely, your parents will still want to get photos of this special moment in your life. We recommend purchasing a suit jacket and pants and wearing it with a dress shirt with the top two buttons unbuttoned, casual and cool. Or, opt for a pair of dress pants and a dress shirt with suspenders and maybe even a bowtie. 


Let us know how you’ll be celebrating your virtual graduation and how we can help you get ready for this next phase! 

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