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It's Time to Reevaluate Prom 2020

Written by Alyssa Kozal May 08, 2020

The pandemic as a result of COVID-19 has canceled proms nationwide, but that has not stopped teens from creating their own celebrations at home. Whether its Zoom,TikTok, or Twitch proms have been taken online. This new way of celebrating is bitter-sweet. While a dance party at home can still be a lot of fun, it’s just not the same without your best friends in the same room. But for decades, this high-school rite of passage has cost teens (and their parents) hundreds of dollars each year. From the ticket to the party bus, every detail seemed to add another $100 dollars to the grand prom total. And, with all of the investment that goes into prom there is only one detail that is remembered by everyone: what they wore.

This is even true now as most TikToks and virtual Zoom parties are primarily just an innovative fashion show. Ellen DeGeneres has even jumped into the craze by encouraging teens to post their at home prom photos online. This is no problem for the people who purchased their dresses months in advance, but while unique gowns are worthy of at home photo shoots, a lot of highschoolers are resorting to wearing just a button up shirt and slacks to these Zoom meet-ups. Not quite as impressive. 

Since the prom industry has relied on renting tuxedos from the typical brick and mortar stores for decades, many teens are missing out on wearing a tuxedo or suit to this important high school tradition as these stores are now closed. Because of this, many teens not only miss out on an in-person prom but the little fun left in the virtual prom world. Many parents even took to social media to say they were disappointed they wouldn’t be able to teach their child how to wear a tuxedo or pin a boutonniere. 

While rentals might have worked seamlessly in the past, this current eruption has highlighted how unreliable and dated this process has become. And, when you break down the costs, it just makes more sense to purchase. Buying a suit is now vital as internships, interviews and college events grow near. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to impress in person, and the pleats and over-sized shoulder fits no longer can fly under the radar as they can in blurry group photos. Just a reminder, everyone celebrating prom is just one step away from adulthood.

For all these reasons it is time to reevaluate the traditional prom. In this digital age, students are in constant competition with each other.  From elaborate “promposals” to expensive dresses, everything is now public and magnified. Nowadays, prom is so much more than just the frills of a formal dance. It is a chance to show individuality and to celebrate friendships. It's a time to practice being an adult and, now more than ever, a time for parents to acknowledge their kid’s growing independence. So, while you’re stuck at home, consider investing in your future and checking out our collection of affordable suits. Shipped directly to you, no personal contact needed. We can guarantee you’ll look great for your next FaceTime date or Zoom graduation!

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