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Key Pieces To Complete Your Prom Look

Written by Diana Ganz December 03, 2018

What you need to complete your tux outfit:

Wearing a tux to prom? Make sure you purchase these items before the big day:

  1. Tuxedo Shirt - Whether you have studded buttons or the buttons are hidden, go with a French cuff shirt and some unique cufflinks that show off your personality. 

  2. Suspenders - Tuxedo pants don't come with belt loops so if you're worried about keeping your pants up on the dance floor, splurge for some suspenders. 

  3. Bow Tie - Impress your date by learning how to tie it yourself, or find a good pre-tied option that matches her dress.

  4. Tuxedo Shoes - Always black, preferably leather, classically patent. 

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