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Suit or Tux for Prom?

Written by Katy Eriks February 28, 2020

Q: I’m not sure if I should wear a suit or a tuxedo for prom. What is the difference? 

A: Great question. Looking at them side by side, you can tell a tuxedo by the shiny satin lapel on the jacket as well as the satin stripe down the legs of the pants. Traditionally, a tuxedo is worn with a white tuxedo shirt with black stud buttons down the front, a black bow tie, and shiny patent leather lace-up shoes. Tuxedos are a prom classic so you can’t go wrong. Wear a black bow tie and black suspenders to keep your look a James Bond classic. Or, change things up by pairing your tuxedo jacket with black suit pants, classic leather shoes, and a bow tie in a color that corresponds with your date’s attire. One great thing about purchasing your suit or tuxedo from PromGuy is that all of the items are sold separately so you can mix and match as you see fit! 

If you know the look of a prom tuxedo is too traditional for your style, then opt to purchase a prom suit instead. You have way more options for your style here but don’t get too overwhelmed. Choose a suit color that corresponds well with your dates attire. You can almost never go wrong with a grey, navy, or black suit. Pick out a white shirt or fun patterned dress shirt and a tie to match. Choose your shoes and make sure to have your pants hemmed to the specific shoe style you intend to wear your suit with. Since the suit is yours to keep, you can definitely get a lot of use out of your prom suit jacket and pants by wearing them separately (pair the jacket with jeans or pants with a polo for example), or by wearing the outfit again to graduation or a job interview. 

If you have a date for your event, ask their opinion and make sure the formality of your looks align. If you’re going solo have fun with your style and show off your personality. Check out our instagram for style inspiration!

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