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What To Wear For An Interview Online

Written by Katy Eriks June 03, 2020

Do you have a job interview, college or graduate school entrance interview, or press interview coming up? Chances are companies and schools will have you stay home for this task rather than come in for a face-to-face interaction. As we rethink how we interact with others, it’s important to perfect our video conference style. Here’s a few tips to help you look your best for your virtual interview:

  • Check your background and lighting 

Did you make your bed, put your laundry away, hide your inappropriate posters? Make sure that your background is either appealing or completely blank. We’ve all seen those buzzfeed articles of selfies taken without considering what was hiding in the background and you don’t want to be that person. Your interviewer is going to expect professionalism and for a virtual meeting, that means checking your surroundings as closely as you’d check yourself out in the mirror.

  • Dress to impress 

Change out of your sweatpants for the 30-60 minutes of your interview, you can put them right back on when you’re done. We may never forget the reporter who showed up for his interview on Good Morning America in his underwear. Dress your top, and your bottom. For an interview for a part time customer service job at the mall, a polo shirt and light dress pants or khakis will do the trick. For your college interview, switching to a crisp (ironed or steamed, with no stains or wrinkles) dress shirt will be a great upgrade. For both options, avoid bright colors and dizzying patterns. Keep it simple with a plain or pin dot navy polo, or either a white or pale blue shirt that’s plain or with small checks. For a graduate or medical school entrance interview or a post-grad job interview, adding on a blazer will show that you’re taking the interview seriously, even from home. Dress for the season as well, if it’s the middle of winter skip the polo and opt for a sweater instead.

  • Do some research

Look up the business, school, or interviewer online or on linked in to get a feel for who you’ll be meeting with. This is a great way to decide if a tie would be appropriate or too much. And, research can help you decide if your interview will be more structured or conversational so you can prepare for the type of questions you’ll receive and also ask. Don’t forget to have a post-interview thank you email ready to send off. 

Whatever your professional event is, we’re here to help you decide what to wear. From button up shirts and dress pants, to shoes and ties, we’ve got a wide selection to get you ready for the big event. And, we’re always here to answer your questions so never hesitate to reach out via phone or text to +1 (877) 800-5875 or via email at Good Luck!

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